Chief Justice Aden Hagi Ali
Chief Justice Aden Hagi Ali

President Silanyo issued a decree that will completely assure the ‘check and balance among governmental branches after separating the financial management of judiciary sector from the Ministry of Justice 21 years later.

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Somaliland’s Chief Justice Aden Hagi Ali who is also the Chairman of National Judicial Committee expressed his gratitude towards President Silanyo’s decision of completely separating the judiciary sector – both administratively and financially – from the Ministry of Justice, which previously in control the budget of all judiciary section and its staff since 1996.

Chief Justice endorsing President Ahmed Silanyo’s decree of completing the independence of Somaliland judiciary, he described this decision as a historic one, and he highlighted that this decision will have a very vital importance for the neutral stance and the independence of judiciary sector and generally country’s justice system.

“Definitely President Silanyo took a historic decision which will be supportive for the supremacy and the rule of law of the country. This is good news, as it will strengthen and reassure the impartiality of country’s judiciary sector, because the organs of government should be separate and independent from each other and as such this will ensure the ‘check and balance’. If there is no check and balance among governmental organs, definitely this will result the death of country’s government system. Judiciary became independent – both financially and administratively – and this step will increase the effectiveness and the impartiality of Somaliland judiciary system, therefore it will be one of President Silanyo’s legacies.”

Chief Justice Aden Hagi Ali likewise added that this decision is part of a wide judicial reform that has been launched since he was nominated to Somaliland’s highest justice position.

Though Somaliland constitution has clearly mandated the independence of Somaliland Judiciary chamber (Courts and Prosecution General), but has been under the control – both financially and administratively – of the ministry of justice and judicial affairs, as such this has crippled the full independence and the impartiality of Somaliland’s Justice Department. Many people and particularly legal departments, lawyers and intellectuals’ have highly endorsed this decision, as they described it as step forward for Somaliland to have a full and reliable justice system.




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