Mouse Bihi Abdi
Mouse Bihi Abdi

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Chairman of the Ruling KULMIYE Party and Presidential Candidate Muse Behi Abdi after completion of a one week visit to Nairobi told the media at Egal International Airport that International donors promised economic and humanitarian support to Somaliland presidential election and severe drought that affected the people of Somaliland.

Mr. Behi who met more than 10 Ambassadors, Representatives from the EU, United Nations, World Bank and African Development Bank stated that during his meetings discussed enhancement of donor countries assistant to the droughts which have also been the reason for the postponement of elections from which democratization supporters of Somaliland have complained.

He said, “As competing party and presidential candidate we are not discouraged by the postponement of the election and as such we have been promised by the supporters to continue their cooperation and fund assistance to NEC. With the Ambassadors and International and regional organizations representatives we have discussed horn security and politics with emphasis with Somali territories in the region.”

Source: The Republican Newspaper



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