Hersi Haji Ali

President Silaanyo created Hersi who just turned to be Frankenstein.
I saw nothing wrong to the response of Hersi to Minister Cadaani! Till now since Hersi made his speech it seems that the government and Kulmiye Party is unvoluntarily inflicting self damages to its self. Because till now they didn’t quiet understood the concept of Hersi speech during Wadani Party conference and this shows how uncomfortable and irritative conditions it puts them into and not only the government but as well the whole party members and supporters. It’s not bad to react and respond to provocative speeches made by an opponent party figure but its vital to prep yourself to your answers by never loosing tracks and, to all the responses made so far not even a single one approached the comments made by Hersi.
And that shows in my opinion how unprepared Kulmiye ruling party is! Hence yet the full campaign hasn’t started yet and Kulmiye Party is unawarely increasing Hersi popularity arising him up politically. Although it isn’t a secret how poorly equipped are our so called ‘politicians’ and their lack of convictions and causes to devevelop their leadership’s skills worthiness to be inspirational, they tend and always end up diminishing their own image’s due to their Dissociative identity disorders. As we been aware of the so many ex-minister’s that had left their parties or that had been replaced by the president, only few haven’t left their party of origins but most of them straightaway gave press conferences starting to accuse the same government in which they were part of and the same president they use to always praise on national televisions and radio at point of even comparing him to be the Nelson Mandela of Somaliland. This are the types of politicians we been having since Kulmiye Party came to power and the most unbelievable thing is that they get applauses and applauded in both conditions never loosing faces.

adan deeq
Aden Abdi Daher (Deeq)

This type of politicians are Somaliland biggest handicap and they infected our nation’s society with corruption by leading them by example due to unacountabilities, misappropriation, abuses of power, financials wrongdoings, constitutional violations etc…
Due to the path that they have traced it made the upcoming young politicians to be ambitiously driven seeking to be appointed ministers for self-enrichment inheriting a heritage that is six years old and Hersi who became Kulmiye Party worst nightmare just became like the monster created by Frankenstein but this time applied in Somaliland political context way, meaning President Silaanyo created Hersi who just turned to be Frankenstein.

Aden Deeq



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