By Dr. Mubarik Ahmed Ibrahim (Obolos)

What is beauty? or what do you consider as beautiful? Do not give me your answers yet, because the unfathomable fact is that there’s NO any standard definition of beauty and our answers may greatly vary as our choices. In reality, as humans, we are undeniably, creatures of habits and to satisfy or fulfill the demands of our insatiable appetites for such things as good, better, bad, worse, we tend to rate or classify with variable degrees either quantitatively or qualitatively almost everything we come across especially things that affect our daily lifes directly or indirectly to utter words such as; beautiful, ugly, nice, sweet, bitter..etc, is a mantra that is deeply imbedded in us.

I am categorically interested in how people calibrate the beauty of a woman or is there any standard yardstick purposely for measuring the extent of beauty? Or is it that the whole concept of beauty is a subliminal myth all together?

Personally, I believe that beauty, if not overrated, is a very subjective quality to say the least. I cannot deny the fact that humanity is a diverse entity and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and/or idea and those diversities in our perceptions is what make us unique in all aspects of life. For example when it comes to defining the beauty of a lady one guy may consider features such as, height, light skin complexion and may be other “supportive documents” e.g rounded bottom, size of her chest etc.., while another guy may prefer a woman with conical bottom, smaller bosom etc…, while another may not view those physical characteristics as necessary and opts for such parameters as age, character, education level and family background. These  variations may be largely influenced by among other things; social background, exposure to different environment and people, individual preferences.

Dr. Mubarik Ahmed Ibrahim (Obolos)
Dr. Mubarik Ahmed Ibrahim (Obolos)

Let us say, if you ask a Ugandan about what he/she considers as beauty most definitely the narrations will be zeroing around Baganda/Bayankole or Banyoro ladies of course they are beautiful of which I agree and I attest that the same applies to Somalis, Kenyans, Tanzanian and Rwandans.

In other words, respect for everyone’s definition of beauty as long as they are contented with it. And I am greatly in support for the common saying that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. And any person that may or is willing to challenge the above saying, as I said before, is entitled to his/her opinion (version of beauty), but your freedom to see different perspective of reality should not curtail others’ freedom to choose.

And as the great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said which I also concur with him “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”





  1. Personally, I believe the beautiful ones are not yet born. They will come ar their appointed time. When this will be, no one knows.

    In my view, Somaliland ladies are the most beautiful in the world. I realise that I may be accused of being biased and over-patriotic but I am ready to take these risks for our girls. I hope they appreciate the compliments wherever they are!

    I remembered an old Somali song. The lyrics went like this: “markaa guudka loodhabo …… gobsana hablahayagu”. The singer took great care to carefully choose the right words with which to praise our ladies. It was my favourite.

    I see sooo many beaus here in Hargeisa. They seem to appear mysteriously from nowhere in the blink of an eye. Go to town on Friday and you’ll be surprised by the stunning bevy of beauties you see. Their highly coloured clothings reminds you of the Somaliland rainbow.

    I am also amazed by their natural walking style. They seem to glide effortlessly through the ground. Western models take years to learn how to catwalk in various fashion capitals of the world. Ours have it naturally in their system. Its as if they were born with it.

    Talking of my definition of beauty, here it follows. I love them tall, thin, brown, soft skinned and natural. No need for western makeup except our very traditional henna. Literally “inaan sidaa gedka qaadka uliliqanaysa” (sways like the soft succulent twig of miraa). I am short so tall ladies do complement my lack of height.

    I also prefer ladies with high cheek bones long legs and naturally long curly hair. Before you accuse me of “daqaan huumo” I will be quick to point out that I love the deeply religious and shy ones. Also those with intelligence and a nice personality.

    I may be biased because Hargeisa is my hometown but I will stick my neck out for our girls. They are the most beautiful girls in the world. They put those beauty pageant contestants to shame and make them appear useless by comparison.

    I hope you have been reading my comments folks. You may disagree but at least everyone is entitled to his opinions.

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