According to the World Bank; Promoting a well-functioning, competitive private sectors is a major undertaking for any government, especially for one with limited resources and technical capabilities.

It requires long-term comprehensive policies targeting macroeconomic stability; investment in infrastructure, education and health and the building of technological and entrepreneurial capacity.

A well-functioning political system-one in which the government is perceived to be working in the public interest while managing scare resources in a reasonably transparent way-plays a central role. Removing administrative administrative barriers and strengthening laws that promote entrepreneurship and creativity-both of which are within the power of governments to do-can set an economy on the path to greater prosperity and development.

In light of the above, Somaliland goes to the polls in March 2017 for choosing a president with three presidential contenders. Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi of the ruling Kulmiye presidential candidate and possible successor of the incumbent president is the most business and investment friendly presidential candidate.

Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi of Kulmiye highly dislikes corruption and bribery, which is an impediment for the growth and setting up of enabling business environment. As the president of Rwanda, he has strong tendencies towards disciplinary and corruption free public discourse.

Regional and international leaders who has made change and shown exemplary leadership in their respective communities had the same individual background and leadership characteristics of Muse Bihi Abdi. Late Prime minister, Melas Zenawi of Ethiopia and President of Rwanda Paul kagama were guerrilla fighters like Muse, who liberated their countries and then lifted out from abject poverty millions of their citizens. One of the main reasons they have succeeded to make change in their respective countries is the mere fact that they have led the change and the reform initiative from the top to the regions and districts.

In Africa it is had to make changes, economic development and reform institutions unless you do it from the top, in the same ways Paul Kagame and late Melaz Zenawi did. Mere rethotoric, wishful thinking, and poor leadership from the top will not take Somaliland, where those two leaders took their countries with exemplary and strong leadership. That former guerilla leader transformed their countries from an object of international pity into a powerful actor that has commended increasing global attention

On the other hand, Wadani opposition party candidate Mr. Abdirahman Irro has ignored and did not give any effort during his 11 years tenure as the speaker of the House of Representatives all the business related bills brought in front of the house. Such important bills were included Company law, Investment law, Taxation law,Procuremnt law, Financial accountability law, Audit law, Commercial banking law and Anti money laundering law. This clearly shows how he is indifferent in improving the business climate in Somaliland and attracting foreign direct investment into the country. His party opposed DP World   concession agreement to invest Berbera Port and promised to cancel the agreement if they win the upcoming presidential vote.

Conversely; Kulmiye Presidential candidate Muse Bihi Abdi supported all the national endeavors related with the attraction of foreign direct investment into the country such as the DP world’s concession agreement to invest the strategic port of Berbera.

Somaliland citizens are expected to vote overwhelmingly for Muse Bihi Abdi in the upcoming presidential poll scheduled in March 2017.

Mohammed Dahir Ahmed,

Hargeisa, Somaliland




  1. Mohamed Dahir, please stop putting words into the mouths of Somalilanders. Who told you we are expected to vote overwhelmingly for Mr Bihii? You must be dreaming walaal!

    We will vote for the best man for the job, regardless of what you think. I have stated many times here that I am personally unconfortable with former militarymen being presidents. In my view, they eventually turn out to be dictators. Think of Iddi Amin, Charles Taylor, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame et al.

    At this time in its history, Somaliland needs a safe pair of hands to lead it forward. We have enough challenges from both within and without. These constant delays in elections are hardly the recipe we want.

    I smile silently when I see so many Kulmiye supporters writing half-baked articles in the local press blindly heaping false praise to Bihii while discounting off others. What has Bihii done for this country? In my view, there are so many folks who are confusing what Silanyo as the incumbent has done for the country with what Bihii has done. Bihii is no Silanyo and cannot claim to take any credit for the developments initiated by Silanyo. They happen to belong to the same party. That is the only similarity ….

    I vote for someone based on what he brings to the people of Somaliland. These includes solid experience, education, expertise and eligibility to handle one of the most demanding jobs in these parts of the world. Mere rhetoric and “chest-thumping” is useless here.

    To conclude, may the best candidate win and may Allah’s Grace be with him always. Ameen.

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