Somaliland Unlike Somalia Have Democratically Elected Institutions.

By: Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)- Chairman and Deputy Chairman of House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee Ahmed Abdi Kijandhe and Hamud Osman Egal strongly criticized Somalia’s interference in Somaliland own affairs, as they reiterated that Somaliland’s case for independence is non-negotiable.

They argued that Somalia’s claims of including what so-called Somaliland representatives in their own governmental system is nothing else, except a daydreaming, and a claim which is far from the truth, as well as one of Somalia’s self-gratifying attempts which can never ever be realized, as Somaliland already reinserted their sovereignty on May 18, 1991, which they said to have lost 56 years ago after it voluntarily established unconditional merger with the rest of Somalia.

Chairmen of House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee told this to the media on Monday when they held a press conference in their Hargeisa office. They warned that Mogadishu based government’s claim is intended to hurt the existence and facts on the ground in Somaliland.

“Somalia’s claim for those MPs originally from Somaliland who came through indirect elections do represent Somaliland is a direct intervention in Somaliland’s own affairs. It can never become possible and practical in Somaliland, as Somaliland citizens, not indirect way, but in a direct way, elected their representatives including Parliamentarians and their government democratically.

“They {Somalia} called some Somaliland citizens who were in Mogadishu and they told that they are representing Somaliland for the two houses of Parliament in Somalia. This is impossible to accept. We are reminding International community and Somalia in particular that such intervention are unacceptable, and are only claims which are from the truth, as Somaliland already elected their real representatives democratically”

“Today Somaliland, unlike Somalia, has a democratically elected government, president and vice president, parliament, democratically elected municipalities which all come to power through direct and democratic elections,”

Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee Kijandhe added, “Somaliland already broke its voluntarily merger with Somalia, after it has restored its lost sovereignty 25 years ago. Currently Somaliland is free and independent country. I am advising for Somalia officials before everything else succeed managing their own affairs by stabilizing their country, instead of becoming busy with interfering in Somaliland’s own affairs. Somalia is likewise required to get ready for talks which will only lead the separation of the two states, Somaliland and Somalia.


Deputy Chairman of House’s Foreign Affairs MP Hamud Osman Egal stated that the merger between Somaliland and Somalia in 1960 had no legal basis or preference, according to international law experts, as 60% of Somaliland citizens at that time had voted their opposition against the 1960 voluntary union with Somalia.

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.



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