Ziham Haji Yusuf Abdi Libah
Asad Construction & Creative Design CEO, Ziham Haji Yusuf Abdi Libah

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Berlin, (Somaliland Monitor) –Ziham Haji Yusuf Abdi Libah, the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Somaliland’s leading construction contractor, Asad Construction & Creative Design (ACCD), will be attending second Somaliland international investment conference in Berlin, Germany.

The conference organized by the Ministry of Trade And Investment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will open on Thursday (November 10) shall focus on enlightening participants on the multi-sectored commercial opportunities available in the country.

Asad Construction & Creative Design (ACCD) is one of the few Somaliland businesses invited to attend the conference.

According to press statement released by the Commerce and Investment Ministry, the specific objectives the Republic of Somaliland takes to the Berlin Conference are:

  1. To display the natural wealth of the country more so in the sectors of Livestock, Agriculture,, Fishery, Minerals –Gemstones, Oil, Frankincense, Cement, Salt and Tourism among others.
  2. Guidelines and laws for foreign investments by companies, public agencies or individuals.
  • Provide a networking platform between local businesses and German counterparts and
  1. Promotion of joint Commercial ventures between Somaliland and German investors

Asad Construction & Creative Design Company is the country’s leading construction contractor with the reputation of delivering innovative solutions in the construction of residential and commercial buildings throughout Somaliland.

As a general engineering contractor since 2010 Asad Construction & creative Design (ACCD), Inc. has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the construction of residential and commercial buildings throughout the Hargeisa and Berbera towns in Somaliland  .  ACCD company is expanding on that reputation by adding additional important civil engineering projects to our resume in areas including urban drainage and erosion control, water supply & distribution systems, design & construction of bridges, roads, asphalt and concrete pavements, and remediation and restoration solutions as well as build and manage sites.

For more info visit ACCD’s official website www.asadcon.com

Is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. Prior founding Somaliland Monitor he served as the editor-in-chief of The Independent English newspaper, a sister publication of Hubaal daily Somali newspaper.



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