Eng. Feisal Congratulates Legislators for Endorsing Agreement on UAE Military Base in Somaliland.

By Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – After returning back from Somaliland-Khatumo peace talks which were concluded in neighboring Djibouti, Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe, the Chairman of UCID opposition party congratulated Somaliland legislators (Representatives and Elders) and their leadership for their unanimous decision in which 144 MPs have approved an agreement that Somaliland will allow for United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish a military base in the port city of Berbera on Sunday.

Eng. Feisal urged for those who are against this project are required to express their opposition’s stance constructively, and not in a way which may become a threat for the existence and the development of this nation.

‘Being an opposition is not to Wreak Havoc on Country’s Progress” said UCID Chairman.

Mr. Feisal didn’t agree WADANI party’s claim in which the opposition questioned the legitimacy of this agreement, as he emphasized that the unanimous approval by the majority of the joint house of Parliament has been done according to the rules and regulations of the country.

“As a political party, we are represented by the MPs. Similarly MPs are the representatives of the people, as such it is not for everyone or for the traditional leaders, and Sultans who will have a say or make a decision on a such political issue.”

In an answer to how he sees that some MPs from opposition were escorted out of the house by security forces, he defended the leadership as well as the decision taken by the Chairman of House of Elders Saleban Mahmoud Aden and noted, “The house has its own code of conduct and there is a procedure in order to run a session, so I agree that MPs have a privilege, however if one crosses the red line and makes the session very difficult to run by making trouble, then the Chairman has the right to take him out of that session, in order to control by keeping the smooth running of the session,”

Speaking about how his party views the new military base that will be set up in Berbera city by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he stressed that the ordinary people have not had more information than the government and legislators, as he welcomed the move done by the government aimed at taking the country forward.

“President and the government officials were sworn in for this country, as such few ordinary people can’t love more than for those who were sworn in for this nation, hence they know a lot about what the good interests of our nation lies, as such we all need to stand behind them,” Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe added.


Mr. Feisal eventually suggested for people to leave the government and legislators do their job, and that people including traditional leaders such as Sultans, and Chiefs to put more faithful in their elected institutions, and not to give weapons to their enemies who are against their nation’s development and existence.

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.



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