Somaliland Presidential Spokesman Hussein Aden Egge (Deyr)
Somaliland Presidential Spokesman Hussein Aden Egge (Deyr)

Farmajo warned of taking the foot-steps of his predecessor who uses a notion based on interference and ‘give lip service to’ policy when it comes to Somaliland/Somalia talks.

By: Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – The government of Somaliland sent congratulation message to the newly selected President of Somalia Mr. Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo, as it wished him the best as, it urged him to prioritize how he would lead a long lasting peace and stability for his country and people, Somalia. Somaliland Republic subsequently, remained the new President that it is highly committed to keep activating as well as resuming the in-held negotiation talks between the two countries (Somalia and Somaliland) which has been hang in the balance after it was repeatedly halted or delayed for several times by Somalia federal government. It says that it is ready to resume those talks in a way that is far from the notion of ‘paying lip service to’. Somaliland suggested for the new President not to take the same path taken by his predecessor which was unacceptable policy based on interfering in Somaliland’s own affairs and particularly when it comes to the independence and sovereignty case.

After months of delays and threats of disruption by Alshabab, Somalia lawmakers gathered behind the blast walls of Mogadishu airport on Wednesday, after several rounds of voting, the former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo is declared to be winner and the new president of Somalia Federal Government who will be in power for the next 4 years. Security of Mogadishu city and particularly election scene has been highly tightened by African Union Peace keeping troops (AMISON).

“We are endorsing the new President of Somalia Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo. We pray for him that Allah may make everything easier for him and for his country” Press release issued by Somaliland Presidential Spokesman Hussein Aden Egge (Deyr) reads. He added, “We respect that Somalia Parliamentarians selected their president from the candidates who were running for the presidency of Somalia, hence we are reminding of the new President that Somaliland Republic is free and independent country, and not part of the regional states of Somalia which united for the Federal System of government in Somalia.”

Additionally Presidential Spokesman Mr. Deyr likewise noted that it is for Somaliland’s stance to live peacefully and tranquilly with all of its neighbours.

“We hope that the new president will eventually establish a long lasting solution for the trouble, insecurity and the chaos that has been existing in neighbouring Somalia for the past decades, and as such peace and stability to prevail.”

Finally Somaliland reiterated that any mercenary in Mogadishu who were selected to represent Somaliland for Somalia’s Parliament is unacceptable and erroneous claim, as they can never ever represent Somaliland’s will, for only it can be legitimately and legally represented by its democratically elected President, Vice president and its House of Representatives.

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.



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