Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – January 29, 2017 will go down in the history of the ministry of information as the day of justice and equality to the employees of the ministry. History of this day was made by the Minister of Information and Awareness and National Guidance Osman Sahardid Cadani who was nominated 10 months ago, and fulfilled his promise that he would see that justice will be based on efficiency, the importance of the work they do, and not clannishness.

The Minister in a speech to workers said, “During this period your production depended on programs which I can say frankly that radio programs are far better than those of the Tv and as such should improve the programs. Technically Somaliland National Tv has shown efficiency that can be said to be the best in all Somali Tv released.”

During this time $ 100,000 (one hundrend thousand dollars) was saved. This money will be used for a new building that will have three studios, archives two halls with stages with capacity of 150 and 50 people. The building will also have a special salon. The foundation of this new complex building was put on the same day.

“Workers during this period were complaining of inequality and injustice for workers with the same type of work used to be given different salaries. There were workers who got salary but never received any compensation. There were also workers who were never paid any salary nor any compensation. It has become imperative to look into this injustice and find a solution on the difference of salaries and compensation of workers and directors used to get.”

Speaking about the first steps that he took, he mentioned additions, deductions and salaries. The additions were made on the basis of responsibilities, the importance of position, effiency, loyalty, qualification and education. There was also addition in the grade level. As for the decrease in salaries, It was decreased from those who used to get a lot of money for the work they did and those who used to receive high salaries without doing any work at all.

The minister in his speech on this historical day announced:

  • Directors who used to get 10,000,000 shilling or 2,000,000 shilings for the same position will receive equality salary as of January.
  • Assistant Directors, Head of Sections will also get equal salaries.
  • Technical staff in the studios, satellite, and online will get equal payment.
  • All workers who are Grade A will get equal payment regardless of gender.
  • All workers who are Grade B will get equal payment regardless of gender.
  • All workers who are Grade C will get equal payment regardless of gender.
  • All workers who are Grade D will get equal payment regardless of gender.
  • 260 workers who never received any compensation will be given compensation depending on their duties as of January 2017.
  • 266 workers who used to get minimal compensation will be compensated on the basis of the work they do.
  • 70 people who used to be given compensation from program and training funds will be made permenant workers with salary and compensation after the approval of our request by the civil service commission.
  • The few number of voluntary workers who never received salary or compensation will be given due consideration.

The minister stressed that in parallel to the change made, both officials and workers will be made accountable for the work they do. They will be required to work 8 hours with respect to shifts and schedule of work.

In conclusion the minister prayed to God with the workers to ease the severe conditions of drought and the guidance of God to put us on the right path. He also thanked the President and the First Lady and prayed for them to have fruitful live. He thanked the Minister of Finance and the staff of her ministry who respected our proposals and fulfilled them.

Source: The Republican



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