ucid wadani and kulmiye flags

By Adan Deeq

Degenerating!!! This is what is happening to all the Youth who joined a party. The reason of that degeneration is that they don’t look at the pros and cons, they don’t balance and look at the real issues that lies within our country, they don’t come up with new ideas whenever they join a party.

adan deeq
Aden Abdi Daher (Deeq)

The youth that has thrown themselves into politics only operates on what the leaders of the party tells them to and they are not allowed to share their opinions but as a formality the party leaders asks them what they think or should the party come out with etc… But at the end of the day they are dictated to do what has been told. It’s such a shame to see our young generation’s minds being automatically used and abused.



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