adan deeq
Aden Abdi Daher (Deeq)

Somalilanders elect their leaders based on tribal favoritism without accountability. So I wonder how they could want a change or expect justice and complain about corruptions. The upcoming election candidates are already highly applauded without any conditions tied to their candidacy or been judged to their present competencies. And yet we expect a lot already having an Eldorado mirage and a prosperous Somaliland.
Somaliland youth in General lost their ways by following the old fashioned political ways of their leaders behaving in the same odd ways without been aware of their own actions.
They haven’t even learn from their past mistakes with Kulmiye party who didn’t deliver to their expectancies. The least thing that I could say about Kulmiye party and Silaanyo were that at least it was a new thing to as all equipped with a new way of campaigning equaling the international standards of a democratic state.

But today it was supposed and expected from the youth and the people in General to come up with a severe more aggressive political agendas based on accountability and trustworthiness from their candidates of choice, but unfortunately they are not even close having any of what they read or see in the international news in which they based all their arguments upon when demanding change. If i take Kulmiye and Wadani parties which are the two strongest battling to win the hearts of Somaliland population’s having nothing to offer or present to its people’s expect a blank “elect me” which is unsuitable from both Musa Bihi Abdi & Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Aka ‘Ciro’.

We can’t say the people of Somaliland are naive at the contrary they aren’t and yet prefer staying on that path always lamenting about all the wrong doings of their governments and their governments enriching themselves individually ruining the country and its people with a single thing to praise themselves with ‘Somaliland being a a successful peaceful country who stands by itself’. This is the strange destiny of a whole nation that inflicted itself with the most uncommon infliction “Standing steel”.
By Aden Deeq






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