Former Minister of Interior Ali Mohamed Waran’ade
Former Minister of Interior Ali Mohamed Waran’ade

Though I have not assumed my station at the Somaliland consulate in Addis Ababa three months since appointment, I am very satisfied with my new duties as a diplomat.

This was stated by Ali Mohamed Waran’ade, the former minister of interior during an interview with Geeska Afrika , the first for the former interior minister  since he was transferred from the cabinet to the diplomatic corps.

The appointment of Waran’ade as the Somaliland envoy to Ethiopia came via a mini-reshuffle effected by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo that saw the politician’s perpetual vacate office of top security honcho to current holder Yasin. Mahmud Faraton, three months to date.

On the issue of circulating rumors that having not assumed diplomatic duties in Addis Ababa is related to dissatisfaction with the appointment that many say is a demotion, Waran’ade was quick in stressing that not only was he satisfied by the assignment but one made after consultation thence subsequent acquiescence.

On the three months hiatus, the diplomat said “ As you are aware I am not a new graduate inducted  into public service having served for over two decades thence a little bit slow in shifting bases” adding that he will soon take up his duties once proper induction into diplomatic corps and settling of personal issues within is complete. “Am Satisfied with My Appointment as Envoy to Ethiopia.” Waranade said.

Having negated the rumours of having parted ways with president Silanyo, the elderly politician now turned diplomat gave his take on the local political scene more so as pertains the leadership of president Silanyo who has been accused of losing power to those within his inner circle.

Said he, “This is totally an absurdity that is perpetrated by some with ulterior motives and having been one of those said members of the presidents’ inner circle I can hereby inform all and sundry that Silanyo is firmly in control of his administration”

Waran’ade urged citizens to ignore statements by politically naïve individuals purporting to be leaders.

In conclusion the Mohamed Ali Waran’ade the former interior minister and envoy to Ethiopia appointee said  “Let all Somaliland citizens be assured that I shall represent their interests in Addis Ababa with diligence and urge them to respect and give full support and confidence to President Silanyo and whoever else occupies that occupies the Presidency in Hargeisa  at any given time now and in future.”

Source:  Horn newspaper




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