Guled Mohammed Yasin
Guled Mohammed Yasin

By Gulaid Mohammed Yassin ( Dalha)

In my previous article, I dealt with the most appropriate way a student can get A in his/her Somaliland National Exams. I shall continue jotting down some other ways which may boost the students’ ranks. Using tips and tactics in exams whether S/land National Exams, SLNECB or IGCSE exams, is a common aspect that only bookworms know and take into account. One common way to know is the key word or key phrase. At your SLNECB, you will be asked a question(s) in the exam paper. This question must contain a key term that the examiner looks forward to knowing whether the candidate grasps or not. Here are some key words and phrases asked in exams.


First of all, if the examiner starts the question with this key term, he/she is testing the knowledge to the topic. You should say what you know about the topic and add an example or extra details.


This key word is very impressed by the examiners, especially international ones. At SLNECB and similar levels, if you are asked to explain, then the examiner tests your understanding of the topic. Therefore, you should say why something is like it is. Give reason why it is like that. Unfortunately, most Somaliland students misunderstand this key word. So please make sure you give the reason.


In this question, you should study the information given in the diagram, map, graph and so on. The answer that the examiner wants can usually be found from the information in the source. Look it carefully and answer based on that. The problem is that when the candidate sees the simplicity he/she tries to answer the question with outside information. Do not run through the bush – ha qarda-jeexin!


We all know that Somaliland National Exams are mainly objective – that is, the multiple choice questions are must to be found in the exam paper. So how could the student will tackle to them?

Guled Mohammed Yasin
Guled Mohammed Yasin

Read the stem: First, read the stem and make sure you understand what it is getting at. Look out for double negatives or other twists in wording before you consider the answer. Come up with the correct answer, before you look at the answer choices; try to come up with the correct answer. This will help you to rule out choices that are similar to the correct answer. Now read and consider each option carefully. Look for clues in the stem: Look for clues in the stem that suggest the correct answer or rule out any choices. For example, if the stem indicates that the answer is plural you can rule out any answers that are singular. The basic rule is: the correct answer must make sense grammatically with the stem. Options which fail this test can be ruled out. Cross off any options you know are incorrect: As you rule out options cross them off with your pen. This will help you focus on the remaining choices and eliminates the chance of returning to an item and selecting an option you had already eliminated. Come back to items you were unsure of: Put a mark next to any questions you are unsure of. If you complete the entire exam with time to spare, review these questions – you will often get clues (or even answers) from other questions.

To sum up, there are sometimes some multiple choice questions which are wrong – all the questions may be distracters and there may be no key. This is common in Somaliland National Exams, but fortunately you will have your full marks, so you can omit them. I hope my beloved students better ranks and higher positions – I am sure most of them will have higher performance.

Gulaid Mohammed Yassin ( Dalha)





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