President Ahmed Silanyo urges Somalilanders to take voter cards

By: Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – As 13 November is the date that Presidential election is scheduled to take place in Somaliland after several delays, the President of Somaliland Republic Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo declared that no another term extension will be made for his government, for that they are committed to eventually hold the elections on due time, as he urged elections’ stakeholders to get ready for November presidential election.

This has been stated in a press release issued by Somaliland Presidency. President Silanyo, in his message, emphasized the importance of distribution of voter registration cards for Somaliland nation which was kicked off in the regions of Awdal, Sahil and 12 locations in Eastern Sanaag.

“Successful distribution of voter cards is a milestone to be realized as it will lead for holding free and fair elections in the country. It is an honor for me to convey a message regarding the importance of voter registration cards distribution which will accomplish Somaliland’s democratization success story, as it will be another step taken forward for having free, fair and democratic elections in the country.”

President Ahmed Silanyo also urged Somaliland citizens to widely come out and take the registered voting cards.

“Though we are taking into consideration the existence of the tough and the wider droughts that hit throughout Somaliland regions which displaced thousands of people from their homes, and as such the government is keeping its effort to maintain providing aids to those who direly in need. May Allah give his mercy to those people and grant better rains for the people. But still we are hopeful that we are community who can simultaneously perform in both conducting elections as well as the efforts of dealing with the worsening drought condition in the country. So let’s all get ready for November Presidential election,” President Silanyo added.

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.



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