Meru Governor Peter Munya
Meru Governor Peter Munya

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor) -Kenya’s outspoken politician Governor Peter Munya has strongly defended his visit to Somaliland dismissing Mogadishu-based government’s propaganda against him.

According to Kenya’s leading newspaper, Daily Nation, Meru Governor Peter Munya said that he does not regret visiting Somaliland in his bid to fight for miraa farmers who depend on the crop.

“During my Madarka Day speech, I talked about the crisis that would face the people of Nyambene after rumours did rounds that Somalia wanted to close the market. It is out of these issues that I decided to go to Somaliland,” Governor Peter Munya said while speaking at a public rally at Maili Tatu grounds in Igembe Central Sub-county on Thursday.

“Which army does Munya have which can interfere with the territorial integrity? That is mere propaganda and come rain or sunshine I will continue to agitate for the rights of the miraa farmers in Meru. Let the government deal with that matter. If they will not do that let them not come here in hunt for votes,” Governor Munya added.

Governor Peter Munya visited Somaliland in July, 016 to promote the Miraa market in Somaliland.

Munya also said it is the responsibility of the Kenya’s national government to open miraa markets in Somalia and other countries without politicizing the issue.

Last week, Somalia banned miraa imports from Kenya without giving reasons.

The ban deals a blow to Kenya’s miraa farmers who rely on Somalia as their main market after countries in Europe slapped a ban on the crop regarded as a drug.


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  1. Munya is merely trying to fight for the rights if his people, the Merus. There is both a politican and an economic dimension to this. Political in that it is an election year and both governor Munya and Senator Kiraitu have to convince their people that they are indeed representing their interests. The economic angle is that it is claimed these two (as well as other high ranking officials in Uhurus parliament) have vast miraa plantations. With the European ban, Somalia/land is a “soft” target for these drug barons.

    As a Somalilander, I’m personally against these deals. It is wrong to use the excuse of “recognition” to export their drugs to us. We are already struggling/grappling with the Ethiopia one.

    I laugh when Munya pretends to be on the side of Somaliland on this, accusing Mogadishu (“interfere with integrity” above). Somalilanders cannot be fooled by this gimmick. We know what the real deadly deal is! It is well-known that Munya has a problem with the Central Government of Kenya, especially Deputy President. Besides, the relationship between Governors, Senators and MPs are hardly cordial at all.

    Finally, I can understand why Mogadishu halted temporarily the export of miraa. To retaliate against the Kenyan governments decision to close the refugee camps. I feel sorry for the refugees though, they are pawns in power games here. Even the Kenyan government has been trying to use them to get more financing from the UN.

    Somaliland should refuse this deal. Its NOT honest. Why now? The answer is simple: because all the other lucrative markets are no more. We yearn for recognition but this is not the deal we want. Its a “poison” pill.

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