Muse Bihi

Borama (Somaliland Monitor)- Chairman and Presidential Candidate of KULMIYE Party Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi described the denial of women quota by the state councils, to be appalling and disgraceful.

Speaking at a special ceremony for new women supporters he said, “Somali custom is denying women the rights given to them by Islam and as are being denied to get fair share in decision making bodies (DMB).

Elaborating this he said, “According to UN report there are 817 women ministers globally, which is 17% of the total number of ministers. Ruwanda and more than other countries have from 30 to 40% women in their parliaments. In comparison to this, it is unfortunate that Somaliland has only one woman in a 2 house of parliament which has 164 members. Similarly, there are only 2 women ministers in our 60 member cabinet of ministers.”

The party presidential candidate added that almost half of the population are women and that their participation in DMB and national development is essential and indispensable.

Speaking about women right in Islam he said, “Islam gives all rights to women; rights sought by others in the modern world; but it is undeniable that Somali custom violates these rights.”

Mr. Musa Behi Abdi emphasized that the question is how to make our people realize the rights endowed to women by Islam. Right which he described that our women have to be given; rights which are given to them by the Shari’a.

“We will fight to realize that women enjoy these rights and fulfill their obligations. Our party KULMIYE gives special consideration for women to have their rights- on the basis of the Shari’a Law; which gives the right to be MP’s and to be members of decision making bodies. Our politics have to base on our religion.

Source: The Republican



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