Chairman and KULMIYE party presidential candidate Mr. Muse Behi Abdi
Chairman and KULMIYE party presidential candidate Mr. Muse Behi Abdi
  • Mr. Behi hit out at WADANI, as he accused them of ‘running out of ideas’ over their opposition role, & that party takes the wrong path when it comes to politics & diplomacy.

By: Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Chairman and KULMIYE party presidential nominee Mr. Muse Behi Abdi speaking at Tuesday’s KULMIYE Party National Youth Wing Conference expressed that land related altercations in Somaliland reached its highest peak, and that generally the land issue becomes a major challenge to Somaliland development and particularly when it comes to exploitation of country’s natural resources. The Chairman, in the meantime, hit out at WADANI opposition party, as he accused them of running out of ideas over their opposition role, and the opposition party took the wrong the path when it comes to politics as well as diplomacy.

According to Muse Behi Abdi, in Somaliland it is even too expensive and difficult to find a plot of land for the deceased, as few private individuals (landlords) and groups unfairly claim the ownership of a large piece of land, which is truly wrong. And as such this leads all the ownership of land of the country to be vested in a few groups unlawfully as such improper practice of the land made impossible for ordinary people and particularly for poor ones to afford buying a land in Hargeisa, Burao or Borama as the piece of land in one of Somaliland’s major cities is more expensive than the similar one in USA.

“The plot or a lot of land in one of Somaliland cities such as Hargeisa, Burao or Borama is more expensive than the one in New York or Tokyo, which is truly unacceptable. Is this showing how wealthy our people are? Did our economy rise and increased in such high extent? Or is it a new challenge that faced our community? This is an issue, in which we need to research in order to have a swift solution for it, as it became a critical barrier that suddenly needs to be addressed by Somaliland.”

“Land issue is burden and causes negative impacts for the development of our country. The increasing competitive demands for the use and the sale of the land even causing for people not get burial places for the deceased. The land is given to all people by the God. As such we need to have a proper sharing plan, for that it is endowed for either those who are alive today and for the deceased ones as well, as they have rights to have areas or places which are specific only for the cemeteries. Even those who are yet born or the future generations have rights in it. All of us have equal rights in it. As such we need to share it according to the rules and regulations.” Said Muse Behi,

On the other side, KULMIYE Chairman questions the inability of Somaliland people and particularly business people who failed to make use of and invest the natural resources of the country ‘Berbera cement factory’ and in particular which has been left unexploited for the past six years. He furthermore described ‘unfortunate’ that Somalilanders and particularly business giants or traders still couldn’t have faith on each other in order to put their money together by investing in the country which he noted would have played a dynamic role in increasing employment opportunities for country’s youth.

“It is unfortunate that country’s businessmen couldn’t still trust each other, as they failed to establish partnership among them in order to lead creating employment opportunities for the university graduates of our country. They should have come together and make Berbera cement factory work once again which might become an opportunity for our youth.”

Chairman’s concern comes in a time when the local to people view that land related disputes can be only resolved through two mechanisms; the first one is to conduct a ‘redeveloping plan’, by renovating old urban areas by arranging the land- uses very carefully so that land is used in a better way. As the second is to through ‘reclamation’ which might help solve land-use conflicts indirectly by easing the demand for land. More likely later act may highly decrease the land price.

Finally Mr. Behi hit out at WADANI opposition party, as he accused them of running out of ideas over their opposition role, and the main opposition party and their officials took the wrong the path when it comes to their opposition’s political role as well as diplomacy.

WADANI’s recent nomination for an ‘Ambassador at Large’ has widely been condemned as the act was obviously described as ‘undiplomatic’ and that it shows how the party lacks enough understanding and familiarity to run its party’s operations, for that it was not the role for an opposition party to nominate an envoy or similar post, as there is a functioning government which was democratically elected in the country and may have the sole responsibilities to represent its country when it comes to International ties .

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.



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