Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor)- All livestock exported from Somaliland pass a strenuous health verification check before permission to load aboard ship is allowed.

This was informed by the minister of livestock Development Abdilahi Mohamed Ukuse  during a presser in Hargeisa  in which the government of Somaliland made its official reaction to the suspension of imports by the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia

Last week Saudi Arabia informed that it had temporarily suspended the imports of Somali livestock. This cessation was attributed to the outbreak of an unknown illness by the kingdoms Minister  of  Environment, Water and Agriculture  Abdulah bin Abd – ur – Rahman Al- Hossein during  the ban announcement in Riyadh.

“In our country where almost over 50% of citizens depend on livestock exports, this is shocking news” said minister Ukuse adding the livestock trade is not a trifle issue but a matter of life in Somaliland

Stressing on the proven health of all livestock (Goats, Sheep, cows and camels) exported from Somaliland the minister of livest city Development said that the government is fully prepared to provide tangible proof for verification by the Saudi authorities and other interested consumers in the wider gulf.

“The government undertakes stringent measures in ensuring that the Berbera port based quarantine stations and certification systems are operating aptly, thence export of non infected livestock” said a minister Ukuse in conclusion

This is not the first time for Saudi Arabia to ban livestock imports from the Horn  region having done so in 1998, 1999 and  2000 following the outbreak of the Rift Valley Fever.,

Somaliland’s Minister of Livestock Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir better known as “Ukuse”
Somaliland’s Minister of Livestock Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir better known as “Ukuse”

And in response to the negative impacts caused by the continued import ban by the KSA, Somaliland livestock traders partnering with foreign investors made significant investments in quarantine stations in the Red Sea Port of Berbera as a precondition for lifting the ban imposed by the Saudi authorities. The first station started operations in September 2009. This station is owned and operated by the Saudi-Emirates International Veterinary Quarantine Management Company (SEIVQMC).

In 2015, the Horn of Africa nation exported record 5.3 million animals, the highest such figure in two decades, according to the Food and Agriculture (FAO) organization.

During the 2016 pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca millions of muslims from around the world were partial fed from thousands Livestock imported by Saudi Arabia from Horn Africa countries among them Somaliland.

Source: Horn Newspaper



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