By Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Over 100 delegates who were from country’s six official regions and attended the 8th General Assembly of Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) finally elected a new leadership who will be running the Youth Umbrella for the next 3 years.

Abdiasis Saeed Salah is going to be SONYO Umbrella’s 8th Chairman, since its inception 13 years ago, for he has been unanimously voted by almost delegates from all member organizations who were present in the Assembly. This comes when his rival competitor Abdiasis Hersi Warsame eased the tension of the election, as he announced, minutes before voting start, that he changed his mind and withdrew from running the leadership of the Umbrella hence warmly endorsed Abdiasis Salah to be the sole runner. All participants in Ambassador Hotel’s hall warmly uploaded Mr. Hersi after announcing his withdrawal decision.

The newly elected Chairman Mr. Salah thanked Mr. Hersi and all member organization of SONYO for the decision he took as well as their support, as he promised that he will continue improving the unity among the youth’s member organizations. “We all win. I am ready to keep working for the unity of the umbrella. Previous elections used to create hard feeling among youth members, but fortunately this year’s general assembly is different and its motto was ‘Unity’. I am also congratulating for the outgoing Board of Directors and their Chairman for everything that they have done during their tenure, as they have successfully managed to hold such remarkable conference. We all need to keep improving the unity, in order to be stronger than ever.”

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.




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