Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Chairman of the opposition of Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe who was one of the delegation at UAE/Somaliland agreement of the military base said, “I am an opposition party candidate, but in principle my policy is to build the country and work for its prosperity. I believe that opposition that doesn’t mean destroying and opposing everything that is good for the country. I believe that we have to criticize the government when it is wrong, but support it when it is on the right path.”

The Chairman added that he will be attending the conference in Djibouti between the Republic of Somaliland and Khatumo group. He described that the agreement and Djibouti dialogue to be national issues that have to be supported for the good of the country.

Speaking about the benefits of the UAE/Somaliland agreement, he said, “The agreement with DP World and the base in Berbera will have economic benefits as they will attract foreign investment, employment and create new friendships. Politically it is an indicator that the government of Somaliland is a sovereign state that has full jurisdiction to its country and can be trusted and make agreement with other countries.”

UCID Presidential candidate added that for 26 years Somaliland was looking for international recognition and that the agreement with UAE is the first agreement that will lead to the country’s recognition.

“Enemies will be shocked and friends will be overjoyed. I condemn the opposition against UAE agreements and I urge the people of Somaliland not to listen to the enemies of our country. I believe that history will punish individuals who are against this agreement which the majority see as crucial for our Republic. I warned the people not be influenced by evil mongers who need self-aggrandizement. We have to thank Allah for the agreement and with the help of God, it will be the right road to recognition and prosperity,” said UCID Chairman.

Source: The Republican Newspaper




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