By Abdirisak Itaqile

Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor) -Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Silanyo” sent a congratulatory cable to Donald Trump a congratulating him for winning the presidential election, the presidential spokesman announced Wednesday, as the reactions of many other world leaders ranged from shock to optimism.

“As the President of Somaliland Republic, I extend my sincere congratulations on your election as the 45th President of the United States of America” President Silanyo said.

President Ahmed Silanyo added, “Today, it is more important than ever before to strengthen and ensure peace and prosperity for all American citizens and for people around the world”.

In his congratulatory note, President Ahmed Silanyo also stated that under Donald Trump’s rule America will fulfill its global obligations and will make a difference when dealing with huge challenges ahead.

“Mr President-Elect, my country and people trust that America, whose values of freedom, democracy and human rights have always been a beacon of hope around the world, will fulfill it’s global obligations and will continue to make a difference when dealing with huge challenges ahead” President Ahmed Silanyo added.

Meanwhile, in his victory speech United States President-Elect Donald Trump told the world that he will deal fairly with all different nations on the planet.

“I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone — all people and all other nations,” Mr. Trump said in his victory speech.

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