President Ahmed Silanyo
President Ahmed Silanyo

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)- President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo called for a joint parliamentary meeting to be held tomorrow(Sunday) in a message to the Chairman of the House of Representatives Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro) and Chairman of the House of Elders Saleeban Mahmoud Aden.

The present is expected to give his annual address; but according to reliable sources, his address is expected to include United Arab Emirates request of military base in Berbera- a controversial issue in the country.

Chairman of the House of Elders Salebaan Mahmoud Aden confirmed that he has received a letter from the president requesting for a join meeting of the house of parliament; but declined to give any comment.

Chairman of the House of Representatives confirmed the president’s message and said, “The letter doesn’t mention any agenda and as such I can’t comment on what the president will talk about.”

The opposition WADDANI and its members in parliament are against the request of UAE to be given a military base in Berbera.

“Accepting the request of UAE and giving it a military base in Berbera will endanger the stability and security of Somaliland. The United Arabs Emirates wants to use the base to attack Houti’s in Yemen. It will also have a negative effect on our relations with Ethiopia.”

Government sources and intellectuals advocate accepting UAE request saying that it will boost diplomatically our quests for recognition. It will also encourage foreign investment and help develop our economy.”

Minister of planning said, “We have to welcome efforts by UAE, international organizations and companies to request for a base in the country and invest. I regard this as an indirect recognition.”

UAE requested the base during the official visit of President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo’s official visit. The president accepted the request, but told the UAE government that the request will be presented to the House of Parliament which is empowered constitutionally to decide on the request.

Source: The Republican



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