NEC & the 3 political parties

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)-President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the 3 candidates for the 3 political parties agreed in principle that the presidential election which was scheduled to be held on Marcgh 28/2017 cannot be held in the current situation, which the country is in.

Vice President Abdirahman Ismail Abdillahi (SAYLI’i) told the media- at the end of meeting they had at the presidency- that the drought situation in the country and the presidential elections were discussed.

He said, “The participants fully agreed that presidential election, which was to be held on March 28, 2017 can’t be held – due to the severe drought situation in the country. They also agreed that NEC and the 3 political parties should meet and decide on a date when the country can come out of the drought and election can be held, without any other postponement.”

Spokesman for the Presidency Mr. Husein Aden Egeh, Quoting the president in a Press release said, “Postponement of the Presidential and House of Representatives election had a bad impression on the prestige of Somaliland, in the eyes of the international community in general and friendly countries that helped us in the democratization process.”

The House of Elders- which is Constitutionally empowered to extend the term in office of the president or the House of Representatives can’t do that- as it used to do- because the Supreme Court have passed a ruling that elections can’t be postponed; but have to be held as scheduled.

“The president urged NEC and the 3 political parties to discuss and tackle the legal issue, which is very sensitive situation. At the same time asses when implementation of the distribution of Voter Registration Cards and holding the election will be feasible.” He added,

Source: The Republican



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