Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – The chairman of Somaliland’s Red Crescent Society Mr. Ahmed Abdi  Bakaal detailed how they jointly planned & responded wih their partners over the severe drought pertaining Somaliland, in a meeting convened at Maansoor Hotel.

Mr. Bakaal who spoke to the local media regarding this matter said, “The situation of Somaliland drought reached a worsening stage. It’s the first time Somaliland Red Crescent has spoken, but not the first time we responded.”

While speaking about recent humanitarian activities by Red Cresent in cooperation with their partners, Mr. bakaal noted, “The Red Cross works with Federation of Red Crescent, UNICEF and WFP, Overall, works 32 health centers and 27 mobile health vehicles throughout Somaliland regions, and there is no other organization present in Somaliland which operates in 27 mobile health vehicle, otherthan  Red Cresent,”

“We pray Allah’s his mercy, for that we have so far digged more than 400 reservoirs across the country. T         his does not mean that we have fulfilled and covered all the needs of the people, particularly for those who were severely affected by droughts. We have done all those activities as we were getting assistance from UNICEF, Finish Red Cross, Qatar Red Crescent, Iceland RedCross, and Swedish Red Cross.”

Chairman of Somaliland Red Crescent speaking about the number of malnutriated children that they have so far treated noted, “During the last three months, the number of children treated reached 98.512 at all regional centers of Red Crescent,” The Chairman added, “Two thousand and four hundred of them have got serious malnourished conditions, those who can reach risk levels were estimated to be ten thousand and more.  Overall Somaliland Red Crescent has treated ninety thousand people.”

Mr. Bakaal likewise added, that they distributed food and cash to those who were the most vulnerable and displaced as well in Sool and Sanaag regions, through federation of Red Crescents.

“In Sool region, four thousand four hundred and ninety six (4496) families were distributed humanitarian food assistance, while, in Sanaag region, three thousand six hundred and sixty-eight (3668) families have been distributed with food.   Additionally we will also provide more food and ration to those who direly in need for support in the upcoming months.”

Somaliland Red Cresent Chairman Ahmed Abdi Bakaal speaking about their planned activities towards supporting to the severely  drought affected people in Marodi-jeh region he said, “Though Somaliland Red Cresent earlier assisted displaced people in Western regions, but still we have plans to distribute additional food assistance to another 1,400 households living in areas including;  Saba-wanaag, Salahley, Baligubadle up to Garabis, as three months ration food will be distributed to the most vulnerable families in those areas




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