Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)- According to the President of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, 1.5 million people from Somaliland are facing a very real risk of droughts and direly in need of humanitarian relief aids.

This has been stated in a press release issued by Somaliland Presidency, after he had a meeting with the visiting senior members from UN and International Agencies including the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia and Somaliland Mr. Peter de Clercq at the Presidential Palace.

“President Ahmed Silanyo informed UN delegates about the severe droughts that exist in the country and its impact in the sides of the lives of those direly affected, the stability, economy and the development of this country,”

During President’s meeting with the UN delegation, Ministers for Environment, Information, Religious Affairs, Energy and Minerals as well as the State Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Presidency were accompanying with President.

“President has endorsed and also thanked the visiting UN delegtion. He expressed that they were expecting UN’s urgent visit to Somaliland earlier, but that it is still a better late for them to come to Somaliland in order to give response to the droughts by giving hand to those people who were severely affected by the famines.”

“We are expecting from UN to make better intervention by providing relief aids which is greatly higher than the one that they currently do.

President Silanyo briefing UN and International NGO delegation about the humanitarian catastrophic resulted by the severe droughts which extremely hit the people in Somaliland and how a swift response is needed in order to respond to the most pressing food security and livelihood needs of people severely affected by poor rains and drought conditions in eastern parts of Somaliland, he said, “As you are aware of, Somaliland people were severely hit by droughts which have been caused by lack of rains and global climate change. This has resulted that both people and livestock to become at risk. This year’s drought was the harshest one in the history of Somaliland, as 15 million Somalilanders are at risk.

“Though Somaliland government and its people have made enormous efforts in order to reach for those severely affected by droughts, but the truth is that our sole efforts are not enough to cover the required humanitarian assistance, as more population are facing acute food insecurity in the country. Unfortunately, International community and UN agencies had not done enough to respond to the severe droughts as our calls were left unanswered.”



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