Berbera (Somaliland Monitor) “We are always ready to share happy and difficult moments with citizens of Somaliland” This was stated by senior representatives of Telesom during the handover of 10 tones of dates donated the giant telecommunication company to the Somaliland National Drought Relief Committee at the port of Berbera. To receive the dates donation was a team from the national Drought relief committee led by environment and rural development minister Shukri Haji Bandare as well as port officials. Briefing the function, the deputy manager of Berbera port Abdi Abdilahi Hasan Matan, revealed that the consignment being handed over consisted of 10 tons that contained 15,000 cartoons of Dates, that was imported by Telesom

“We extend thanks to Telesom for the company’s continued assistance to not only drought relief but in many other areas as well” said the port manager adding that the significance of this donation emanates from the fact that, dates were imported following consultation between Telesom and Drought relief committee. Said he, “ This means that dates were most in need as per the drought relief committee”

Mohamed Abdi Darbo
The Telesom public relations manager Mohamed Abdi Darbo revealed company’s commitment to alleviating difficulties within the Somaliland citizenry

Acknowledging that the dates were requisitioned by the national drought relief committee, Telesom representatives revealed that the telecommunication giant shall continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with citizens of Somaliland “not only in times of joy but in difficulty ones as well” Representing the company at the dates contribution handover were the Telesom company’s directors of government and public relations Ali Mohamed Salah Cajab and Mohamed Abdi Darbo respectively. The two concurred unanimously as pertains the fact Telesom company was always ready to intervene nationwide where its regional offices continue to provide support within needy communities. “Though we are aware that 10 tons of dates shall not cover entire needs of drought affected citizens especially in the east of the country, hopefully it shall go along way in alleviating needs for many” said Darbo as they handed over the consignment While complimenting the many company’s, individuals, organizations local and foreign as well as friendly governments that have responded to the Somaliland drought relief appeal, Sheikh Mohamed Aden, representing the national drought relief committee made special mention of Telesom “On behalf of the national drought relief committee I hereby extend special thanks to Telesom for continued support to our activities” said Sh Mohamed Aden The cleric also acknowledged that the current donation of dates was made after consultations between the committee and Telesom prior to ordering abroad.

Somaliland national drought relief committee
Members of the Somaliland national drought relief committee and deputy Berbera port manager receive Telesom donation

To conclude the function was the environment minister Shukri Haji Bandare who upon thanking Telesom for the current and past contributions to the committee went on to appeal for others to emulate the telecommunication company “since the effects of drought continues to bite despite most parts of the country having received fair ammeter of rain” Telesom Group of Companies and its employees have become the biggest contributors to the drought relief activities in Somaliland having contributed over half a million dollars both in cash and goods since August 2016.

The assorted contribution done through both the national drought relief committee or directly by Telesom has seen its regional, district and even village level officials engaged to ensure that the needy are not left to suffer alone.

Source: Somaliland Sun



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