Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)- “ BBC Somali Service has lost its neutrality and objectivity. It became a mouth piece for the government in Somalia and transformed the international service to one that is similar to Radio Mogadishu.” This was said by Mr. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid (Caddaani) Minister of Information in a Press Conference held in his office this week.

The Minister spoke about the media relation between Somaliland and the United Kingdom to be the first in all the Somali territories, but described current behavior of the Somali Service as biased and anti Somaliland.

Elaborating this he said,” At present, it exaggerates minor incidents and commits naked propaganda against The Republic of Somaliland. It releases misinformation against any development or progressive steps the country makes. It invites individuals who are notorious for their anti Somaliland sovereignty and democratization policy- with pretext that they are intellectuals. Their position in the DP World agreement to modernize Berbera Port and the agreement reached between the Republic of Somaliland and The United Arab Emirates which was approved by 144 members of both Houses of Parliament. I can deduce this to be misinforming international community and the Somali people.” Impartiality

The minister described that BBC Somali Service is partial, injustice and lost its neutrality and objectivity. It presents opinions of prearranged people from the Social media, which seems to be unbalanced.  The time allotted for those invited to the panel is not equal and they consider Somaliland as if it is one of the federal regions of Somalia.

The Minister of Information and National Guidance also added, “The BBC and Radio Mogadishu can’t be differentiated in their coverage. We have sent complaints to authorities in the African Service and BBC Somali Service. We haven’t so far received any answer to our complaints. We will also send our complaint in their latest behavior at the same time. We will reconsider our media relation and we will not hesitate to defend our country and its prestige.”

Mr. Osman Abdillahi Sahardiid Caddani concluded by saying that Somaliland does not shoot people in the streets; but are taken court in accordance to the Media Law.

Source: The Republican



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