By: Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Seili’i) has received high profile members from Save the Children, USA including organization’s CEO Mr. Carolyn Miles in his Hargeisa office on Tuesday.

It is high time when the international community will eventually stop ignoring Somaliland’s independence case, and come forth realizing the facts and the realities that exist in Somaliland, by granting its well-deserved diplomatic recognition, according to Vice President Seili’i.

“Somaliland and Somalia are two different and separate states, and as such it is completely incorrect to assume them as one country as they can never be. The mistake done by the international community is that they can’t distinguish between Somaliland and Somalia. Somaliland is democratic, free and independent sovereign which enjoyed relative peace and stability which are successful achievements reached by Somaliland without getting enough support from the international community. Somaliland is where the rule of law prevails, as such it is a high and right time that the international community to stop denying the realities in Somaliland and to finally grant its deserved recognition.”

Furthermore, Vice President Abdirahman Seili’i urged for SCF/USA to play an effective and dynamic role in the efforts of providing supports to the drought hit people in Somaliland.

On his side, The CEO of Save the Children, USA told that his delegation has paid visit to many parts of the areas severely hit by the worsening drought condition in the country. Mr. Carolyn Miles praised the government for its efforts of distributing the direly needed humanitarian relief aids to the people harshly hit by the droughts. He also praised the role of the electronic money transfer system in dealing with the worsening condition of droughts.

Mohamoud Qodah is the Co-editor-in-chief of Somaliland Monitor. He also serves as the assistant editor of the Republican English weekly newspaper published by Jamhuuriya media Group.



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