Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)- Presidential candidate of WADDANI party and Chairman of The House Party Abdirahman Mohameed Abdillahi (Cirro) indicted Presidential Candidate for the ruling party and Chairman of KULMIYE part Musa Bihi Abdi of committing massacre; but didn’t give any clarification about meeting Prime Minister of Somalia in his recent visit to Nairobi, leading senior party officials.

Mr. Cirro “Asking the hypothetical question who should be brought to court, the person accused of planning a reunion or the one who kills them said, ‘ It is unfortunate while the graves of those massacred are still intact and visible that I should be accused to be taken to court, instead of the one who said at Kheiriya Square ‘Why I should take blessing, when I can kill.”

He added, “ If a person is to be court for pictures; we can see in Websites and Facebook pictures of Musa Bihi and Hassan Sheikh, President of Somalia and as he has to be taken to court.”

The Chairman of the House of Representatives urged that people shouldn’t be in confusion, that he is ready to compete and that previous methods won’t be applicable.

In his first media statement after his return from Nairobi, he said that the visit was to save Somaliland, that it was successful, angered the government but satisfied the people.

He reiterated that his party WADDANI stands for saving and unity of the people of Somaliland calling for the people to vote for the person who strives for their safety.

The main discussion in cafe’s and teashops is, How Somalia which is in a chaotic situation mend its own affairs save Somaliland; which is peaceful and stable?

Source: The Republican  



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