By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

Wadani Party’s top brass and the newly joined Damuljadid sect have shown extreme abhorrence and hatred towards  Somaliland Armed forces.

Wadani Chairman and Presidential candidate Mr. Abdirahman Irro told delegates in  his party central committee conference which has been held recently in Hargeisa; ” this Country does not need soldiers”. Belittling and degrading the services of the  men and women serving day and night with little substance in the Somaliland Military,Police,Custodial corpse, Immigration and Security shows his  extreme antipathy towards them.

Wadani party wrote a letter back in 2014 to the friendly countries that support Somaliland Rapid Response Unit (RRU) to suspend their support. This further shows their extreme abhorrence for the Somaliland security forces.

Renown world leaders such as Winston S.Churchil and  John  F.Kennedy expressed in various quotes in the importance of armed personnel services to the nation and its people.

“We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would ham us”

Winston S. Churchill.

“I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:’ I served in the United States Navy”

John F. Kennedy

The leader of the Damuljadid sect Hersi Ali who have recently joined Wadani party, belittled and shown his extreme acrimony  towards the armed forces in various platforms. A local security expert told me that some groups in Somaliland see the armed forces the only obstacle against them in reaching the power.

The popular Indian Ocean Newsletter Magazine  published in Paris France have a written the following piece when Hersi Ali recently joined Wadani party.

Somaliland; Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, an Islamist in the Wadani party :Following his attempted constitutional coup in October 2015, the Somaliland former Minister to the Presidency, Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, has resurfaced in the principal opposition party, Wadani.

Mohammed Dahir Ahmed
Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

The president of Wadani and Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi, known as Cirro,co-opted him onto the party’s executive committee on 5 October. Reactions of disapproval were not long coming: the Ethiopian government has already expressed its concerns about Hersi Ali Haji Hassan. He is under surveillance by the Ethiopian and American intelligence services since he was involved in creating a radical Islamist group in the Burco region in 2008”.

By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed,








  1. I am surprised by the obvious slant in the authors writing above. His seemingly blanket condemnation of the Waddani party position on defense is shocking.

    I doubt there is any party which is against the security of Somaliland. Despite their differences in opinion, all are agreed that our safety is a priority.

    If I recall correctly, one Waddani official spoke of being tired of the dictatorships of military rulers. It was a metaphor for the nightmare days of yore of Siyaad Barre.

    In my view, it is this statement that has been miscontrued and taken out of context by Mr Mohamed Dahir above. We all know he is a Muse Bihii lapdog and will go to great lengths to defend his master.

    The late Bob Marley had a useful message for the black race in his hit “Redemption Song”. I would like to quote it since I believe it is very relevant here. Take a look below:

    “Emanicipate yourself from MENTAL slavery. None but ourselves can FREE our minds”.

    As readers, we can easily see through meaningless party propaganda from opinion spin doctors like brother Mohamed Dahir here. I am aware he has a job to do. But why not do in the correct way? Beats me to this day …

  2. I have the slightest doubt that Damuljadid whom have joined Wadani party strongly hates Somaliland armed forces.In addition all the top brass and Wadani Candidate openly state their discomfort with all kinds of army related professions,in military,police,coastal guards,navy,and coastal guards.

    I totally agree with the assertions of Mohammed Dahir.

  3. When Wadani party belittles the armed forces profession,it means encouraging youth to not join the Police and the Military. Wadani party considers any one who has army profession related training as an idiot,stupid,outdated and total useless,who can not think like a human being contrary to what former American President John F Keneddy said ““I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:’ I served in the United States Navy”

    Thumbs up for Mohammed Dahir.

  4. Prof Araale, did they teach you grammer at the US navy? I find your writing shocking. So too is your English! Your service there is useless if it adds nothing to the homeland here. We do NOT need it. Stay with it.

    To Guled Dahir, Waddani candidates are entitled to their views. What they simply stated was that military men concentrate on things like wars and fighting instead of tackling the real urgent and pressing issues which we need as a society now.

    I believe this is a very plausible assertion which can be easily supported with relevant facts. Africa is tired of military dictatorships and misrule. Iddi Amin, Siad Barre, Mengistu Haile Mariam et al.

    What we need are educated technocrats who can add value to our society. Not old school war vets past their sell-by dates who need to have retired by now. Think of Mugabe of Zimbabwe!

    I am well aware you are lapdogs of Col Muse Bihee. You have every right to support your man. But please do NOT impose them on my people, the Somalilanders. We had to fight to the last man to remove the dictatorial Siyyad and faqash from these holy lands. Don’t bring us another impositor residing right amongst our midst.

    Sxb, tas ma soconayso dee. Wan didney waxaa mar hore!

  5. Mohamed Dahir who I’m sure is one of my ‘cousins’ tribally (since I’m related to Muuse Behi) has consistently proven himself to be a sycophant and pillock at the same time.

    You do no justice to the Kulmiye cause with this failed attempts at hit pieces. Calling politicians dam jadeed and praising military rule (when we obviously need educated statesman and not worn out rambos in Somaliland).

    From your article photo you look like you were dropped on your head, and your writing backs up that assertion.

  6. Mohammed Dahir is not related with Muse Bihi in terms of tribal linkeage and he is not from Habarawal tribe let alone Sadmuse tribe.

    The gentleman who calls himself mediawatcher is from Wadani chairman tribe and he can not reveal his identity.

  7. You can not dicredit mohammed dahir’s stronge arguments with lies and personal attacks. So far Wadani can not respond logically with his first class arguments and counter arguments.

    He is a true patriot and well educated Somalilander.

  8. Dear Saynab, it is obvious that this man called Media Watcher is way ahead of the rest of your arm-chair commentators here, including yourself.

    I find his mastery of issues very complete. I also love his breadth and depth of knowledge, not forgetting his thourough command of the queen’s English.

    I love reading his comments and arguments. Compared to him, Mohamed Dahir looks like a newborn commentator learning his first “baby steps” in the business.

    To Somaliland Commentator, if I were you, I would hire this guy straight away and give him a top top job. He knows what he is talking about. He is way ahead of the Seynabs, Dahirs, Mohameds and other quacks masquerading as analysts here.

    Media Watcher, please go ahead. You just got yourself a cult following from this writer and some of his friends. Of course, we are aware why you are using a “nomme de plumme”.. Journalism is a risky business here in Somaliland. So many good brothers are in jail for disagreeing with the fatcats and the military dictatorships in Africa.

    Keep up the good You have our admiration and support.

  9. Saynab, its obvious you are another Muse Bihii poodle. Just like Mohamed Dahir himself. No arguments and facts. As empty as a whistle!

    To the patriot, thanks for your compliments. I truly appreciate and acknowledge them brother. Not many of our people are as honest as you are. You are only one of a few and rare kind. Congrats from the bottom of my heart.

    Finally to Prof Kaahin, the real liberators are not those who fled to the US but the ones who stayed behind and proudly defended their lands and liberty from the oppressors. Among them was my uncle, a highly decorated SNM pioneer. I still remember his wise words: there is nothing more worse than being colonized in your own soil. He said they were ready to fight to the last man until there would be none left except an old lady in the whole of Hargeisa. It is this outstanding pride, patriotism and courage that made had free. You ran away as a refugee to the US then pride yourself in serving an imperialistic country only to return when we had earned the right to self-rule then pride yourself in it? Very foolish indeed. Waar afka dabeysha ka qarso sxb!!!

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