By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

In part one I have exposed how Wadani chairman and its presidential candidate Mr. Abdirahman Irro botched on the leadership of the House of Representatives as its chairman for the last 12 years. I have deduced from there that it will not make sense to seek the President of the Republic, since he has abjectly failed on the leadership of the legislative branch which is the most crucial branches of the government (The legislative, The Judiciary, and The executive).

On other hand ,the most   powerful ministries in the executive branch of the government for the last six years are in Wadani party ‘s shadow cabinet and leadership positions, notably former Ministries in the Presidency, Public works and housing,Education,Foreign affairs and Justice. Those ministries have tried unconstitutional coup with the counsel of their radical mentors in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Mogdisho.They were the most corrupt, inefficient and uneducated in the cabinet. The great paradox is the same ministries  who were in the driving seat in Kulmiye government  for the last six years are now in the Wadani’s driving seat calling for change, what kind of change?, aren’t you the same people?.

Therefore,Wadani party was leading Somaliland government’s legislative and executive branches of government; thus if there is any need of change, there is a need of changing the wrongs they have done in the executive and legislative branches of the government. Their rethoric and call for change is an insult to the nation and its intellectuals.

Wadani party claims that it will bring international recognition; Mohamed Bihi Yonus was Somaliland’s minister of foreign affairs and currently in Wadani party’s shadow cabinet, the worthy question is why didn’t you brought the recognition while you were the top diplomat in Somaliland? Similarly let alone Wadani party working in Somaliland’s quest for recognition there is a fear that it is working in greater Somalia unification, since there is in its shadow cabinet and politburo former Mogadishu’s foreign minister Mr.Buubaa,who is still in the believe of Somalia unity and unification. On the same footing, members of Damjuljadiid religious sect whom are the most powerful personalities in Wadani such as Hersi,Duur and Abdirasaq Khalif believe in Somalia unity as per the charter of Damuljadid.

Further, Wadani party also argues that they will solve the current youth predicament in Somaliland.Neverthless,Wadani Presidential candidate Mr.Abdirahman Irro was loath and indifferent in the mass youth persecution by the Siyad Barre government in the 1980s. He was senior staff member of Somalia Republic foreign affairs ministry and was happy with the policy of his government at the time to destroy Somaliland and annihilate its people. Thus, the worthwhile question is; what is the difference between Somaliland Youth in the 1980s and the current youth in Somaliland? the answer is the people and the youth are the same once and Mr. Abdirahman irro is the same person. On the same footing Wadani Presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro’s children lives in Finland and studies there. Many social research studies mention that parents always are psychologically connected to where the children resides and  are interested the education, health and security situation in the country which they live. Therefore Mr. Irro does not know well the real conditions which Somaliland youth are in.

Mohammed Dahir Ahmed
Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

Wadani party also argues that they will keep and further improve the security.However security experts told me let alone Wadani party to do something about the security; there is a real worry that powerful personalities within Wadani party leadership are threat to Somaliland security and the regional security as well. Moreover, Wadani Presidential candidate Abdirahman irro is not knowledgeable about the local and regional security environment since he never worked on any security related institution and never attended the various peace building,conflict resolution and disarmament  conferences  which took place in the country.

By: Mohammed Dahir Ahmed






  1. Love reading the articles of Mr Mohamed Dahir. This self-declared champion and Kumliye spokesman makes my day each time I come across his writings.

    The greatest criticism President Barack Obama faced as a contender for the most powerful office in the land was that he had no foreign policy experience. The argument was that this fresh-faced, skinny boy with a “funny” name just could not make the “cut” to be the president of the US.

    Mr Dahir seems to make the same tired analogies. Cirro is from Finland. Bihii was in Hargeisa and knows the local politics well. Silanyo was also in the UK as a student and has Brit citizenship. Did this disqualify him from being a president? The answer is no. His family still stays in the UK too so why single out Cirro’s? In my view, many well-heeled politicians send their children to stay and study abroad because they have faith in the system there. Not the local education system here that is full of quacks producing half-baked commentators that we read about everyday.

    Blaming Cirro for bad leadership is ridiculous. He is not the President. If there is anybody to be blamed it is the highest officer in the land. Cirro was simply exercising his constitutional duties in the legislature. There is very little he can do if his party has neither the numbers nor the clout to influence key policy decisions which they would have wished to. This is called the TYRANY of NUMBERS. The majority always have their say in the legislature.

    Again there is something called collective responsibility. This means as a government of the day, any issues agreed on by consensus and debate in the house is treated as the official position reagardless of whether onr voted for or against it in the first place. A good case in point is the Berbera DP deal.

    Talking of vestiges of the defunct Siyyad Barre regime, I can safely tell Mr Dahir that all these politicians you see in Somalia/land once served in some capacity then. These includes Silanyo and some of his predecessors. There is very little they could have done then because theirs were a few minor dissenting voices in a sea of handpicked clansmen and other “Yesmen” of the time. Its only later that they got organized to mount real resistance and come out strongly fighting. Dictators understand no language except that of wars, blood, bullets and destruction.

    Finally, attending numerous workshops on security does not make you a better leader or expert in conflict resolution. On the contrary, our founding fathers NEVER attended any seminars or conferences regularly. Many had no certificates to proudly show for their participation. Yet they were very effective in disarming all the rowdy gun-toting youth and militia to establish some normalcy and staibility which Mogadishu could never dream of in a million lifetimes. Its only recently that our President recognised one elder who participated in the historic Burco peace conference at the University of Hargeisa for his accomplishments. This elder was nearly eighty and this paper was quick to acknowledge his effort. I also sent my appreciation to this pioneer founding father!

  2. As usual the media-watcher who always hides his identity,reacts with nonsense. Mr.Irro failed on the legislative branch of government,therefore failure in some will definitely result a total failure.

    Muse for President;a politician who is well acquainted with the local and regional security environment. His children studies with Somaliland students locally which gives him an additional edge over Irro who were exiled abroad for a longe time.

  3. Nonsense comments from the unknown Mediawatcher. Your comments a rubbish compare with the well reasoned and well articulated arguments of Mr. Mohammed Dahir.

    • Muse Bihi was Somaliland Minister of interior and security in one of the difficulty periods in Somaliland history.He is a real political experience in addition to his academic experience.

  4. Wadani candidate Abdirahman irro is morally bankrupt,he was working with the Siyaad barre regime,when that regime was slaughtering his people.

  5. Kkk. Too many Musee Bihii poodles and lapdogs in this site. I can see why his tribal fiefdoms are always up in arms whenever he is mentioned. Wuu sihirey dee. He has cast a spell on them that is why they see the world the way they want to instead of the way it is.

    Talking of his children being in Somaliland schools, you can clearly see the difference compared with thr children of the elitist Silanyo, Feisal, Cirro who are/were educated in top notch international standard schools.

    It is easy to spot the products of the local education system. They can hardly put together a few paragraphs of sustained arguments. Their English grammar is woeful, equivalent to a K-school beginner. What surprises me most is some of them claim to be professors like Mr Kaahin above. I smile because it reminds me of the late Siyaad. When asked about the university he went to, he stupidly replied “Wayaarag” (Experience). Its only years later that he admitted he had never seen the inside of a classroom and was forced to forge a few basic entry level certificates to be able to join the military. No wonder he always felt threatened by the highly educated Northerners of Issaq descent. Doesnt this remind you of Bihii and his Gungho gang of illiterates? Of course.

    I equate them to people who are living in a tank or drum. It is basically a “closed” system which has np interaction with the outside world. To them this drum/tank is the world. Nothing you’ll ever tell them will be enough to convince them otherwise.

    Can you compare Silanyo to Bihii. They are worlds apart. The former is knowledgeable, educated, savvy and street smart. The latter is backward, dictatorial, authoritarian and probably watches too much Rambo-style movies to be a leader of choice for many. He has so many enemies both within and without the government and his own Kulmiye party.

    To conclude, Muse neither has the TEMPERAMENT nor the PRESIDENTIAL look to handle the hot seat that is our presidency. But try telling that to his poodles, lapdogs and bloodhounds. Its like trying to literally squeeze blood out of a rock. Impossible!!!

  6. Irro’s chidren and family are not for education in Finland but for living there with Finish welfare while there father is the speaker of Somaliland Parliament and leader of an opposition party. Shame on Irro.

  7. Abdirahman Irro and his Wadani party asked for financial support from Muslim brotherhood chapters in Eygpt,Qatar and Turkey including the Turkish government led by Erdogen,himself a staunch supporter of international Muslim brother movement.

    Abdirahman irro and Wadani party is threat not only the stability of the Repubic of Somaliland but also the stability of the wider of Horn of Africa.

  8. Prof Kaahin, no country is an island in the world we live in today. Even the US which is a hyperpower depends on others to sustain its industries and economy. We live in the age of globalization where strategic partnerships are necessary if you are to succeed.. That is why we have regional blocks and transcontinental alliances like NATO.

    You can’t blame Cirro for dealings with Turkey, Egpyt, China, Qatar, Saudia, Ethiopia et al. In my view this is the official position of the government of Somaliland. When the coup was happening in Turkey, it was President Silanyo who was there NOT Cirro. That should tell you something, right?

    Finally, it is hypocritical to accuse Cirro and Feisal’s family for depending on welfare in Europe. You were also a refugee in the US and I can imagine your family has also (and may still be) a proud beneficiary of the same welfare system who publicly trash. I guess you are now on comtortable “retirement” in my homeland. Talk of the pot blackguarding the kettle brother. Very shameless of you …

    I can safely tell you even your hero Muse Bihii has relatives somewhere in Europe or North America who are living on welfare. That is the reality of a majority of Somalis today. How else could we build these beautiful skyscrapers in the desert? Hargeisa is not old rich Saudia or Qatar. It is a poor country full of poverty and a fair share of its own problems. Yet we proudly survive on the little we have by Allah’s Grace and say Alhamdullilah.

    I find it disgusting when you throw away all semblance of decency and muslimhood in a bid to make your man look “holier-than-thou” while trashing others. Very silly and comical in my view.

    Bihii was a pilot and served in President Barre’s regime. What did he do to stop the bombardment of our homeland. He is just as guilty as the rest of them. But again you can’t entirely blame them too. The odds were stacked heavily against them. It was an exercise fraught with its own risks!

    Finally, I deal with concrete facts not hearsay and unsubstantiated rumours which add nothing to public discourse. It is easy to sit in your armchair and criticise those in leadership. “Habar fadidha dhirir ufududha” is what my people say. Perfectly true and you are just a classic example of it!

  9. No chance for your uncle IRRO Wadani candidate. The result will come in front of you whether you die or dihaydrate.

    Irro did not show the slightest remorse when Siyad barre was slaughtering Somaliland citizens. he is morally corrupt,indecisive,and ineffective leader,who has all the characteristics of a follower not a leader.

    He used for the post of house of representative speaker to establish and finance his Wadani. Conflict of interest. shame on him.

    He is a man whom Somalilanders can not rely on when the water gets rough.

  10. Muse Bihi faught fiercely against Siyad Barre,Where Abdirahman Irro was working for Somalia embassy in Moscow even after the fall of Siyab barre regime.

    Abdirahman Irro was spying Somalilanders for Siyad Barre regime,while Muse Bihi was liberating Somalilanders from this heinous regime. You are comparing the uncomparable .

  11. Mr. Media watcher,your hidden identity tells a lot about you,there is no any one called Mr. Media watcher in Somaliland. Hiding your real identity to talk what ever you like is pure hypocrisy and cowardliness.

    The real fool is the one comparing the incomparable. You can not compare a hero with a villain and traitor.

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