By:Mohammed Dahir Ahmed

In part one and part two, I have exposed the mess  created  by Wadani party candidate and his party politburo  in Somaliland legislative and executive branches of government in the last decade and how it is contradictory to call for a change by Wadani ,what change? Who is apt to change the mess they have created, them? Or some one else?

Wadani party recently stated that they have transferred the post of party chairman to Abdiqadir Jirde, nevertheless all the letters and correspondences coming out of Wadani party headquarters are signed by the actual party chairman and Wadani candidate Abdurrahman Irro.Therefore it is paradox and at odds to claim that you have handed over a post to someone and still you are keeping the signature of the post.

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Further Wadani party claims that it is a nationalist party which likes the land and its people; however this is being contradicted by their hatred of the national defense forces and their belittling of the value of military service. Can a country stand on its feet without a national defense force, bearing in mind the countless threats emanating from the Horn of Africa region. When you tell the youth, serving in the army is bad and it is inferior profession and any one who served in the army has a lower intellect and can not lead a nation, then your hatred of the peace and tranquility  of Somaliland is palpable and beyond doubt.

On the other hand, Wadani party argues that there is a rivalry within Kulmiye for the post of chairmanship. The awkward folks who have used to engineer conflicts within Kulmiye are now in the Wadani executive leadership. The fear of conflict and confusion exists in Wadani not Kulmiye. Kulmiye has a clear and tested procedure as to how to hand over the post of the chairmanship at the appropriate time.

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Similarly Wadani argues that it is going to prop up the disabled people but at the same time it discredits and disparages the struggle they have lost their legs and hands. It is a bazaar paradox to claim that you are supporting the disabled of the struggle and at the same time deny and demean the cause they were fighting for.

On the same footing Wadani argues that it will heed and do something about the grievances of the discriminated tribes and tribes residing in Awdel and Sool. On the contrary Mr.Barkhad from the discriminated tribes shown for his desire for seeking the post of Wadani party’s vice president candidate, but he was told that he is not eligible.Similarly,Ahmed muumin seed,Wadani’s long-term first deputy have been sidelined and Wadani preferred for an other chap who is new to the party. The only reason Ahmed muumin seed have been sidelined and discriminated was as per Wadani argument that he is  from a  small tribe in comparison with the other candidate. Therefore Wadani’s rhetoric and actual behavior is miles apart.

By: Mohammed Dasher Ahmed








  1. Great articles with truthful and well articulated analysis. I bet Wadani party lapdog who always jealously shouts after Mohammed Dahir will keep his mouth shut this time as it is clear to him,that his insults will not hinder you.

    Keep up the good job.

    • Too many illiterate “political” professors and half-baked analysts who have nothing to add other than peddle falsehood and half-baked arguments.

      This paper has just reported about the outcry by a certain British diplomat of the shocking levels of shoddy journalism and commentators in this country.

      To “Prof” Kaahin, when did you start seeing the light brother? A quick google search of your name reveals a lot of interesting things about you, especially the unjustified criticism of many of our countries policies from your hideout in Borama. Of course, there were other pald of yours like Mr Samatar. Exiled for long, loudmouthing our country while a fugitive in the US. Only to return and claim that he is now a diehard Kulmiye stalwart. Sadly, the dictatorial Muse Bihii won’t allow this to happen!

      You see, the trouble with “professors” is thst they think they have a monopoly of knowledge especially academic/theoretical. While politicians think they have a monopoly of ideas. These two form strange bedfellows. They are immiscible just like water and oil. Very incompatible. Even a rookie mechanic or gacaan yare will tell you that.

      I bet you and Dahir have been paid handsomely for these three part propaganda. But Somalilanders are well informed nowadays. Did you hear what happened to Mayor Abdirahman Soltelco during a Q&A session with the city residents recently, courtesy of HCTV? He was reduced to rubble infront of the whole world. He never knew what had hit him. Great lessons to those politicians who think they have a birthright to lead or take over the public’s assets.

      The writing is on the wall folks. Peter Tosh, the Jamaican reggae maestro used to sing: “You can fool the people some times. But you can’t fool all the people all the time!”. Beware the signs are right before your eyes. Those who can see it. Those who can’t have only themselves to blame!

      • Usual Wadani Outcry as I predicted. Mr. Media watcher you can not defend the undefencable and can not compare the uncomparable.

      • I have been following the debates on this issue for awhiles now and I feel I can contribute to the discussion somehow.

        First, I like the way this gentleman who calls himself the “Media Watcher” deliberates issues. It is very clear that he has a very good grasp of all the current issues, both local and international.

        Second, he has a very good general educational background. The range of his knowledge various widely from history, geography, political science, economics, theology, current affairs et al. I have tremendous respect for his views. And boy, he has a way with the pen and words.

        Thirdly, Mr Dahir and the so-called “Prof” Kaahin’s writing appear to me to be biased, shallow and lacking basic truth. For instance, its not only parliament which has extended its life. The presidency has too. In fact the latter led to a stalemate in Kulmiye with Col Bihii forcefully taking over the chairmanship and sending a clear signal to the president that his time to retire had come. Bihii succeeded in staging a mini coup within his own party.

        Fourthly, I wish the level of analysis and commentary was of an acceptable standard. Some of the commentators here barely have any command of English. Like Media Watcher has rightly pointed out, its shocking and surprising to say the least. I can offer some free lessons to those who wish to join me on a quick crash course or a refresher depending on your needs. Prof Kaahin and Mr Dahir, this is an offer to both of you. Kkkkk.

        Lastly, responsible writing is part and parcel of good citizenship. It is what difference mere propaganda from a proud patriot. It appears to me both Kaahin and Mr Dahir are patrons of Kulmiye and the ruling bigwigs. So sad sacrificing objectivity at the expense of personal greed. Commentators are NOT mercenaries. They are supposed to be fair and impartial. These two have obviously not been seen to exercise probity.

        To Media Watcher, keep up the good work. You are a true patriot. I have been reading many of your comments and I love what I see. Glad to know that such people exist in my homeland!

  2. To Mr Kaahin and Mohamed I have a very simple advice to you: “Ina Sanweyne usheeqa”. Its obvious to me you are paid mercenaries out to distort facts.

    It is shameless liars and useless spin doctors like you who do shame to our country. Mercenaries like brokers, always serve the highest bidder. In your case it is the Kulmiye fatcats.

    War isku hishooda oo Allah kabaqda. You are munafiqiins of the highest calibre. Allah has promised them the deepest part of hellfire, more than the Nasara.

  3. Well done Mr. Mohammed Dahir let them cry and shout. The truth will be told and lie will uncovered. Cry cry cry Wadani. We enjoy when your cry like a little baby.

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