Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor) – Somaliland President, H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo marked the country’s 26th anniversary of independence on Thursday with a call for the International Community to respect Somaliland’s wishes to remain an independent country, and a call for Somalia to back down on their campaign to have the UN arms embargo lifted.

In his speech, President Silanyo called on the EU, US, UK, AU, Arab League and the IGAD organization to ‘respect Somaliland’s restoration of independence and the desire of its citizens’.

President Silanyo also warned Somalia’s leaders against their recent campaign to have the UN arms embargo on Somalia lifted.

The President also warned Somalia’s political leaders of interfering in Somaliland’s affairs and told them to give up any hopes of Somaliland reuniting with Somalia.

“Greater Somalia does not exist, nor is there a country that is responsible for all ethnic Somalis scattered across the horn. That being said, if Somalia remains persistent on having the arms embargo lifted, it will have great repercussions for the region and pave the way for instability and chaos” President Silanyo said.

“Also, we will not longer tolerate any outside interference in our affairs, particularly from our neighbors of Somalia,” President Silanyo said.

“I am calling on our fellow Somali neighbors to work on strengthing peace between our two nations. Don’t waste your time on dreaming of something that will not come true. As I’ve said many times before, our people have made their minds up and they are not coming back. It’s time for Somalia to focus on their own affairs rather than being fixated on Somaliland” President Silanyo said.

President Silanyo also spoke about the Government’s current national fundraising campaign in his independence day speech and the current issues the country is currently facing, such as inflation, the drought, the cancellation of livestock exports and slow economic growth within the past year (due to the drought).

Source: the national-Somaliland



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