Khalid Ahmed Farah, Basketball tournament’s best player
  • President Silanyo attended these games during his first year in power and this year (may be his last chance) left in style as he both opened and closed the biggest sports events ever playedin the history of Somaliland.
  • Awdal Wins Football Tournament as Sahil becomes this year’s basketball Champions.

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – Generally playing sports (football, basketball and athletics) help people and particularly youth stay in shape, teaches how to organize their times, boosts friendships & builds relationships with peers & adults. Sports relationships likewise provide a social support system and lead to social opportunities that extend beyond games, as it is good for mind, body and spirit. According to studies, team sports are good for learning accountability, dedication, and leadership, among many other traits. Putting it all together by playing a sport is a winning combination. All such issues are lessons which students don’t necessarily learn in school.

In Somaliland, similarly during this year’s Somaliland regional Sports Tournament; without doubt we (JMG) have learned that 2016 regional tournament was the biggest sports tournament ever played in our country, since Somaliland had reclaimed its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991. In the mean time we have witnessed that this year’s sports tournament – which has been opened and closed by the President of Somaliland Republic Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo – became an oasis which diverted Somalilanders and particularly teens from the divisions created by the politicians. Furthermore, government and people’s perspective on Sports have completely changed, as this new perspective hopefully will open doors to new levels of performance and higher levels of achievement in Somaliland’s sports.

It has been worthy to appreciate and acknowledge government’s role in this year’s sports games – in which 8 football teams, 8 basketball teams and 14 teams (athletics) have participated. Government fully (100%) funded this year’s tournament as this can show that Somaliland government has well learned that sports is the greatest tool to increase team work, youth integration, and that youth will learn a lot about good sportsmanship and the value of a positive attitude.

“Sports is very important for our youth and as a government we are ready to keep encouraging our youth in order to develop country’s sports,” said President of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo in a time he received this year’s sports Champions (AWDAL and SAHIL) in his office at the Presidency.

“Sports are the greatest tool we have in today’s society to help children develop positive character, traits and life values, as such we are ready to improve country’s sports and also we will encourage establishing official sports leagues in the country,” said Minister for Presidency Mahmoud Hashi Abdi.

It was 27 March 2016 when President Ahmed Silanyo opened the football games from Hargeisa Stadium which has been modernized after the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism managed to install artificial rogue in Hargeisa football stadium’s ground, as Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Seili’i) has attended the opening ceremony of regional basketball games in Tima-ade basketball stadium next day.


Chairman of Ruling KULMIYE Party as well as Presidential hopeful candidate Muse Behi Abdi accompanied by the ministers of Finance and Presidency Zamsam Abdi Aden and Mahmoud Hashi attended the final game between Sahil and Gabiley regions of basketball tournament. KULMIYE Chairman after game ended congratulated both teams for what he called a beautiful game displayed by both teams. He particularly congratulated Sahil region for the well deserved triumph.

This year President Ahmed Silanyo reiterated that country’s presidential elections will be held as scheduled (27 March 2017), he likewise declared during last year’s (2015) ruling party (KULMIYE) central committee conference that he won’t run for his second term, as such it seems that this year was his last chance to attend in these games as a president, as it was an interesting that mention that he attended these games during his first year in power as a president and this year he left in style as he both opened and closed the biggest sports events in the history of Somaliland.

Awdal region has won this year’s football regional games after it has defeated Sahil region to 2-1, as SAHIL region became the champions of the basketball tournament after defeating Gabiley region 35 to 28 points.

cg3Furthermore, about 6 Tvs’s LIVE transmission of the events of the football games added extra attraction to this year’s games. Also Real-Video facilitated to produce high quality image which was almost the same standard in Africa. All Somalis around the world can access all sports events and games (football, basketball and athletics) LIVE through social media, particularly FACEBOOK as well as YouTube. You could feel that people were highly interesting to watch their domestic tournament from Tvs rather than Premier League and La-liga. They showed that they liked their Messis, rather than the real Barcelona Messi. The name Messi became the only name of an international Football Legend that almost 6 players from Somaliland football teams have written in the back of their shirts. As you can see that almost people used to get ready for watching regional games rather than Arsenal or Manchester city.

Football Awards:

1- Tournament’s Best player award was given to Mustafe Salebaan Samatar (Messi) from Sahil.

  1. Tournament’s top scorer was Mohamed Mahmoud Jama (Injineerka) – from Haysimo.

3- Best goal keeper is awarded to Bashe Yusuf Omar – from Awdal

4-       Best Coach was finally awarded to Awdal’s coach.

Basketball Awards:

1- Tournament’s Best player award was given to Khalid Ahmed Dhuhul from Gabiley.

  1. Tournament’s top scorer was Cawil Ibrahim Ali – from SAHIL.

3- Best Coach is awarded to Mohamed Aden Mohamud– from Awdal


Source: The Republican



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