faisal ali warabe
The chairman of Somaliland’s opposition party- Justice and Welfare Party- UCID, Faysal Ali Warabe

UCID chairman accused IGAD countries of hypocrisy and having destructive motives against the Somali people.

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – The chairman of the Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) has urged the president and government of Somaliland to take part in the resolution of anarchy in Somalia by first giving the Somali government indirect helping hand with their upcoming presidential elections.

Speaking at meeting the president had with the committee tasked with seeking recognition for Somaliland which Eng. Feisal is a member of, he said “ Mr. president I would advise that we get involved and give a helping hand to Somalia, Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and the US which are assisting them with the elections but it is for us that their situation affects the most as they are our immediate neighbours, as such i believe that we are obliged to support them in making sure that they have a credible election.”

The UCID chairperson accused IGAD countries of hypocrisy and having destructive motives against the Somali people saying that they don’t want to see a thriving and peaceful Somali territories and that they want to maintain the current status qou of anarchy “ IGAD countries have come to the conclusion that Somaliland should remain in a limbo, Somalia should further go in to anarchy and defragmentation and that serves their best interests,”   Said UCID chairperson.

Eng.Faysal emphasized that Somalia and its people are desperate for a positive intervention from the government of Somaliland since IGAD intervention is one that aims to perpetuate the state of doom rather than stabilization of the country, Eng. Faysal Ali Warabe has well called for and advised the leaders of Somalia to galvanize their best efforts in resolving their issues and getting their people under one roof so they can avoid what some states in the region are seeking which is to create ungovernable fiefdoms that ultimately ends the existence of Somalia, he also warned them of galvanizing their efforts in to getting Somaliland back under the wing of Somalia as he urged the Somali government officials that their best interest lie in establishing friendly and brotherly relations with Somaliland.

Source: The Republican




  1. Somaliland has enough problems of its own. While I do understans this altruist brotherly concern, I feel it is unrealistic and uncalled for. Mogadishu has enough “backers” from its regional and Western “allies”, many of whom are wolves in sheep’s skin. Each of these foreign nations is there for its own selfish self-interest!

    If all these “help” has NOT been enough to prop up the TFG in Mogadishu, I honestly doubt Somalilands offer will be of any assistance either. In my view, it is akin to a drop in the ocean!!

    To Mr Feisal, can I please remind you that we have our fair share of challenges home. These include tonnes of garbage, unemployment, drought, lack of roads, skyhigh electricity bills, street families, tahriib, no water, FGM, miraa abuse et al.

    I believe it would be wrong to divert your attention and much needed financing from these pressing local issues. Your priorities appear skewed and misplaced to me dear brother.

    Remove the speg in your eyes before looking at the log in your brothers eyes walaal. You are accountable to Somalilanders first then Somalis next. Never forget this my dear brother.

    I admire your concerns but they appeared misdirected at this particular moment in time. Somaliland needs you more now than ever before. We have our own elections coming up soon. There have been delays as you well know. Todaa iskadaa imika. Teena kumushquul sxb. We all saw the recent issues concerning the delay and consequent timeline separation between parliamentary and presidential elections.

    Finally, a request to the editor Mr Qalinle. Are you willing to welcome this regular commentator and contributor to your editorial board? Would love to be your resident analyst if given the opportunity I/Allah. Otherwise, all the best. Stay safe too. Ameen!

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