Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor)- Chairman of  The House of Representatives and WADDANI Presidential Candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro) visited  5 TV stations, 7 newspapers and  National Printing Press on Somaliland Youth day.

The Chairman during his visit to Jamhuriya Media Group headquarters, he prayed with the staff the second evening prayer “Isha’a”. After the prayer he met Chairman of Jamhuriya Khalif Nuh Sheikh and Chief Editor of Jamhuriya Mohamed Omer Abdi ( Cirro).

The Chief Editor welcomed WADDDAN the Presidential candidate to the oldest media house in the country and said, “Your visit tonight will be historical as this is the first time for a presidential candidate, to make such a visit.”

Mr. Abdirahman speaking about his un-announced visit said, “Thank you for your reception. I am happy to visit the oldest newspaper house. My visit coincides with Somaliland Youth Day, as most of the staff working in the media is youth. I heard that you work in a difficult condition. I encourage you to continue your work and I promise that conditions will be better in the near future,”

In 2014, President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo visited Jamhuriya Media Group HQ on Somaliland Media Day.

Source: The Republican




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