Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) – “The drought situation in the country is worsening and the people are in a very dangerous and delicate situation and as such need the continuation of immediate aid to the affected people in the country,” this was said by Vice President Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Seili’i) at the end of a joint meeting between the National Drought Committee and UNOCHA at the presidency.

Speaking to the media he said, “The aim of the meeting was to assess what has been done so far in general and in particular. We have also agreed to unify, cooperate and jointly work in the provision of food, water and medicine to the drought affected people; as the drought is getting more severe.”

The Vice President added that the national drought Committee was established a year ago in February and that the committee had no respite, except for a short rainy period.

“In the beginning we were working in the Western regions, but since the drought hit the east, we have been busy in the 4 Eastern regions. The committee has provided support to more than 150,000 families. More than 2,000 families were provided for aid by Islamic Organizations. We have been informed that the agencies have no fund and as such it is imperative that we pray for rain, to prevent exodus from the rural areas. It is also essential that our people in the country and in the Diaspora to contribute their contributions, to avoid calamity.”

Minister of Religious Affairs, Sheikh Khalil Abdillahi Ahmed announced a special prayer for rain to be held in the country on Sunday.

Source: The Republican



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